About Us

Welcome to Cake World, Bakery and Cafe, Alpharetta, GA.

Cake World is a unique bakery-café started in Alpharetta, GA with the desire for mouth-watering pastries. We quickly established ourselves with delightfully tasting pastries among which these are famous ‘Blackforest’, ‘Pineapple’, ‘Butterscotch’, ‘Mango’ and ‘German Forest‘. These have quickly become customer favorites. Word rapidly spread across town and ultimately people were raving about the wonderfully moist and delicious fresh cream layered pastries. A dedicated following of customers come daily for our oven-fresh baked variety Breads, croissants, puffs Rolls and buns. These Rolls, Croissants and puffs are stuffed with tasty fillings like chicken tikka, chicken curry, vegetable curry and paneer. We also serve sugar free cookies for our health conscious customers. With a strong following of satisfied customers, Cake World is more than just a familiar name to customers, as many folks from all backgrounds have come to enjoy our wide range of products and snacks.


Cake World has many treats to please your palette. Our goal is to deliver the best ‘comfort food’ to customers. It will bring a smile upon your face and a taste so simple, yet unforgettable. When it comes to baking, our bakers are dedicated to the highest standards of quality, delivering freshly made products from scratch in our kitchen on premises. Our professional bakers and confectioners are skilled in the art of baking and decorating and bring you exquisite designed cakes to match every occasion, whether it’s a wedding or a birthday celebration.


Our staff begins their day early in the wee hours of the morning, preparing fresh croissants, puffs, buns and cakes at sunrise. We’re serving freshly baked products together with unique tasting coffee and warm hearty tea beverages.